Rubber Roofing – Perfect for Calgary’s Climate

We've received a great testimonial for one of our wall beds!  "Choosing Mali and Trevor at Perfect Fit was the best decision we made in purchasing our wallbed. They provide an incredible range of styles and finishes to meet any price-point, and ensured the style of bed was appropriate for the wall space. This bed is so easy to use and store - and the quality is unquestionable. I have never had a purchase and installation go so smoothly. We love it! Thank you Mali & Trevor!"  Thank you very much for the great feedback - we hope you enjoy!If you’re thinking about getting a new roof, there’s an alternative that you may never have considered, or that you might not even know about that’s ideal for Calgary’s climate conditions. In fact, a leading manufacturer of rubber roofing products is located right here in Calgary.

Global Environmental Manufacturing (G.E.M) was established in Calgary in 1999 to help address the problem of discarded tires clogging up landfills. G.E.M developed a line of roofing panels that imitate the look of cedar shake and slate tiles but that are made out of recycled tires.

Euroshield roofing products from G.E.M are sold around the world and are extremely environmentally friendly. Rubber tires are melted down, reformed and mixed with other various products to make enough roofing tiles to cover your Calgary roof system. Leftover material can be recycled and turned into more shingles. Euroshield roof panels come in three foot lengths that either lock or seal together depending on which type of panel you choose, to provide secure, waterproof protection for your home. They’re easy to install and are virtually maintenance and worry free.

Rubber roofs provide the beauty of real slate or cedar but without the drying, cracking, weight, and cost of real cedar or slate roofs. Rubber roofing is moss, wind, fire, and perhaps most importantly in Calgary, extremely hail resistant. The biggest hail stones just bounce off.

Euroshield rubber roofing is available in four different styles:

  • Euroshake – has the look of hand split or contemporary taper sawn cedar. It’s available in black, weathered brown, and grey.
  • Euroslate – looks like extra thick chiselled slate. Unlike real slate, a Euroslate roof weighs about the same as 40 year laminated shingles so the weight issues of real slate aren’t a problem.
  • Eurolite Shake – roughly half the thickness and nearly half the price of Euroshake, but with the same lifespan.
  • Eurolite Slate – thinner, lighter, and almost half the price, but just a durable as Euroslate.

If you want the beauty and elegance of a real cedar or slate roof but without the price, weight, and concerns about how your roof will stand up to harsh Calgary weather conditions, consider a Euroshield rubber roof installed by The Roof Hospital.

By Eric Gilbert

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