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Are you familiar with Euroshield? This fantastic rubber roofing manufacturer was founded nearly 20 years ago right here in Calgary, Alberta. While it’s no surprise that Euroshield has conquered the Canadian rubber roofing market, they’re actually known and used globally. At the Roof Hospital, we’re proud to offer Calgary homeowners the option to replace their old shingles with a Euroshield for numerous reasons, but here are some of our favourites.

The Roof Hospital - a Euroshield Installer - Roof Hospital - Roofing Experts Calgary

An Environmentally Sound Choice.

Sold across the world, their rubber roofing products use 85% recycled material. In fact, a single family home can save 600-1000 old rubber tires from the landfill. This makes Euroshield one of the greenest roofing options available to Albertans. And, when it’s time to get your roof replaced, some of the old material may be able to be recycled all over again. It’s also worth noting that some Euroshield customers notice that rubber is a better insulator than shingles for their home, and they have a small drop in heating and cooling costs.

No More Hail Damage.

Euroshield receives the highest rating of impact durability. This means that your roof is ready for any hail storm, and you may be entitled to less expensive home insurance premiums. Not only is the rubber uber resistant to hail, you’ll also be able to walk on your roof to put up christmas lights or any other reason without voiding the warranty. You cannot damage a rubber roof just by walking on it.

Wide Selection of Roofers.

Many roofing materials like shake or concrete require special know-how to properly install, but Euroshield’s products are installed similar to asphalt shingles. This means almost any competent roofing company with asphalt experience should also be able to easily install a rubber roof. However, if you prefer a team with previous rubber roofing experience, Roof Hospital is ready to help.

Is it time to replace your roof? Instead of just defaulting to typical asphalt shingles, you may want to explore your options. Have a question about the different materials available for your roof? Contact the Roof Hospital today! We have the expert answers you need.

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