What to Consider When it’s Getting Time for a New Roof

The harsh Alberta climate can be pretty tough on our homes and roofs. In fact, shingles on average last about 20% less than you’d expect based off of the manufacturer’s warranty. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you’ll be getting a new roof for free. The warranty is against defects, not the normal wear and tear of dealing with Albertan snow storms and intense heat. What it does mean is that Calgary homeowners need to be vigilant and proactive with their roof.

What to Consider When it's Getting Time for a New Roof - Roof Hospital - Expert Roofers Calgary

How Long to Wait.

Now that you know your shingles will likely fail earlier than you initially thought, it’s time to do some math. If your shingles have a 30 year warranty, you’ll likely need a new roof closer to the 24 year mark. A 40 year shingle will last a bit longer, likely 32 years. If you’re nearing those points but haven’t had any leaks, you’re in a great position: you can afford to wait for now.

At this point, you’ll want to get an inspection done. Maybe the weather in your particular area hasn’t been as bad or you’re sheltered by a large tree — you’ll want to know if your roof has another 5 or 6 years in it after all. On the other hand, perhaps a gale hit your home hard last year and you’re actually overdue for a replacement. By getting an inspection done, you’ll have the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

Roofing Material.

While most regard Calgary as a sea of asphalt shingles, there are actually a lot of great options for you to consider.

Rubber roofing is an excellent choice for any home in an area with as much hail as Calgary. The materials are manufactured right here in Calgary, and unlike asphalt, these roofs aren’t be damaged by impact, so you can even lower your home insurance premiums.

Another option is using concrete. Concrete roofing is the Canadian answer to clay tile roofs. Tile roofs were one of the first roofs ever used in the old world, and in Europe, a tile roof could last centuries. But the freeze-thaw cycle in Canada cracks traditional tiles, so concrete must be used instead. Like rubber roofing, concrete tiles are manufactured locally. However, a concrete roof is very heavy — some homes may not be sturdy enough to support it, and it takes a professional roofing team who is familiar with concrete roofing to safely install the roof.

Your Calgary Roofing Team.

If you opt for shingles or rubber roofing, there are numerous reputable roofing companies to choose from in Calgary. We always recommend that you contact 2 or 3 roofers, ask for references, and see who you connect with. Your roofing team will be working at and on your home, so it’s important you choose a business you can trust. If you’re interested in a concrete roof, there are unfortunately far fewer options.

Replacing your roof is expensive! There are a lot of considerations to keep in mind, and it’s important to only work with a roofing team you can trust. If you feel uncomfortable with roofers you’ve hired, do not proceed. The Roof Hospital is here to help! Our team of experts are experienced with all roofing materials including concrete. If you’re looking to have your roof replaced this summer, contact the Roof Hospital today!

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