Why Roofing Really Isn’t a DIY Project

As Albertans, we’ve construct roofs for many hardworking homeowners who don’t shy away from fixing a broken faucet or building their own fence. Alberta is a province of DIYers, and that leads some folks to wonder if they couldn’t save money on labour by just doing their roofing themselves. But unless you have roofing experience, roof repairs and replacements just aren’t DIY projects.

Why Roofing Really Isn't a DIY Project - Roof Hospital - Professional Roofers Calgary

Incorrect Repairs.

In our line of work, the number one cause of leaks and roofing problems is faulty installation. People make mistakes, and that causes leaks. Roofing isn’t always straightforward. Certain materials need to be used in certain places and installed a specific way. Your roof has an important job; it keeps your home safe, dry, and warm no matter what Alberta’s crazy climate throws at it. But your roof can only be as good as the poorest skilled person working on it. Further, paying for repairs to fix a sloppy DIY job can be just as expensive as having the roof done right to begin with. By choosing a reputable, professional roofing team you get the peace of mind of knowing the job was done well.

Safety Concerns.

Many hospital stories have begun with a “quick” check on the roof. The fact is, nobody — not even a trained, professional roofer — should be going up on a roof by themselves. Even with harnesses and other safety equipment, it’s important to have someone there to help if things go wrong. At the Roof Hospital, your roof will always be under the watchful eye of a team. Not breaking the bank shouldn’t mean breaking a bone.

Voiding Warranty.

Did you know that many manufacturers specify that their product must be correctly installed by a professional in order to have the warranty honoured? This goes back to what we were saying about faulty installation being the cause of most roofing problems. The companies who make roofing material know that a roof that isn’t installed perfectly will fail much sooner, and they refuse to be held accountable for poor labour. If you insist on doing your roof yourself and want a manufacturer who will honour their warranty, you’ll have far fewer options when selecting a material.

The Roof Hospital is a team of go-getter DIYers.

We understand why Calgary homeowners could be tempted to try fixing their own roof, but at the end of the day, it just doesn’t make sense. Roofing accidents can cost you far more than money, and if no one gets injured, poor workmanship is still expensive. If mould and water damage begin, your costs can rise exponentially. When it’s time to get your roof done, call in the professionals. The team at Roof Hospital is here to help.

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