Roofing and the Environment

It’s no secret that we tear down a lot of old roofs to make way for new ones. What can feel like a mystery, though, is what happens to those old roofs. Many homeowners come home to find that huge pile of old roof debris has simply vanished. And, unfortunately, the story ends there for many Albertans. The mess is gone, and that’s all that matters. But of course, that’s not how it really works.

Roofing and the Environment - Roof Hospital - Roofing Experts Calgary

Roofs Produce a Lot of Waste.

The average asphalt roof replacement will generate about 5000 pounds of waste. In Calgary, around 2500 homes receive a new roof every year. That means there’s over 9 million tons of old roofing junk finding its way to the Calgary landfill every, single year. At the Roof Hospital, we find this idea completely unacceptable. After all, asphalt shingles are essentially oil and tar. Even if you can’t be bothered to care about climate change, surely all of us can agree there’s no point burying perfectly good oil products. It just makes more sense that we would recycle them.

Recycling Options are Available.

In Calgary, recycling old roofing material isn’t just possible, it’s easy, and it doesn’t cost any more than dumping the debris in the landfill either. The old asphalt shingles and tar paper are melted down and used for roads, and all the metal-scrap can be recycled using the same process as old cars. If you chose to roof with wooden shakes, don’t feel left out. The old shakes can be turned into everything from wood insulation to animal bedding. Just by telling your contractor that you want your old, wood roof recycled, you could help Calgarians to save over 2000 trees a year!

Green Roof Options.

Want to do even more for your planet? You can! Instead of replacing your old roof with new asphalt shingles or wood shakes, choose a recycled roofing product. GEM Euroshield rubber roofing is manufactured right here in Calgary using old tires. That means, not only will your roof be made with 80% recycled materials, but it also won’t have to travel far shrinking its carbon footprint further. Another roofing trend that’s beginning to catch on is green roofing. A green roof uses real dirt and plants to absorb solar energy and keep your home cool.

Choosing an environmentally friendly roofing options just makes sense. Together, Calgarians can save thousands of barrels of oil, thousands of trees, and prevent millions of tons of garbage piling up in our landfill. All you need to do is inform you contractor that you want your old roof recycled.

Need to have your roof replaced? The Roof Hospital stands by practical, common sense measures like recycling. Integrity, honesty, and a commitment to doing the right thing are all a part of what sets our roofing experts apart. Call us today.

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