Are Solar Panels Really Worth it?

With green-living on many Canadians’ minds lately, we’ve been getting asked about solar panels. Where do you put them? Are they worth the investment? Will they weaken my roof? These are all really good questions, so we’re going to try to answer them today. To begin, solar panels probably aren’t going to work for your home if you do not have a large portion of unshaded roof facing south. After all, solar panels that are shaded by a tree aren’t doing you much good, and given how low the sun is during the Canadian winter, you’ll need your panels facing south if you want them to be worthwhile.

Are Solar Panels Really Worth it? - Roof Hospital - Roofing Expert Team

Solar Panels Give Back.

Assuming you meet the prerequisite of having an unshaded, south-facing roof, solar panels can be a pretty great investment. They aren’t as glamorous or fun as a new bathroom or kitchen, but they’ll slowly pay for themselves. Some of the Albertans who choose to buy solar panels even take out a loan so that their solar panels can be up on the roof and lowering their electricity bill now rather than in a few years. Before you start with solar though, it’s a good idea to decide why you want to generate your own power. If it’s for finances, do the math to make sure it’s a good investment. If it’s for the environmental reasons, double check that you aren’t in one of the few Albertan towns that already uses renewable resources. While coal generators dominate, some parts of our provinces are powered by wind. There’s no point making the switch for green-reasons if you’re already eco-friendly.

Calgary is Great for Solar.

Did you know that Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan are empirically some of the sunniest places in all of Canada? Calgary averages 333 days a year with a least some sun, and more than 50% of all the daylight hours in Calgary are sunny. In contrast, the sunniest city in PEI has only 291 days with some sun and just over 40% of all daylight hours are sunny. This is great news for Albertans who want to invest in solar! Remember that your supply of power at night will be reliant on having excellent batteries. So be sure to invest in some good ones!


We hope that we’ve told you to not walk on your roof enough times that this is a no-brainer, but just in case, make sure your have the panels installed by or with the assistance of a professional roofer. This is important for a couple of reasons. First, while Calgary is solar friendly because we get a lot of sun, we also get a lot of wind. Winds strong enough to blow your panels away if they aren’t secured properly. However, securing panels properly can put your roof at risk. By working with a Calgary roofer, you can be sure that your solar panels will still be there after a gale and that your roof’s integrity remains intact.

If you’re thinking of making the leap to solar panels, our team of roofing experts wants to congratulate you. It’s a big step, so make sure you calculate in all the factors and your priorities. And if you do choose to go solar, give us a call. We’ll make sure your panels are installed safely and securely.

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