Roof Ventilation Issues

All sorts of roof and attic problems like excess moisture, mould, and roof dams may be a symptom of issues with your home’s ventilation. While a reputable Calgary roofer will take ventilation as seriously as the rest of the job, others will either hack together ventilation or ignore it entirely. Nobody wants to find out that inadequate ventilation lead to a mould infestation, so today we’ll let you in on the two most common mistakes.

Roof Ventilation Issues - Roof Hospital - Calgary Roofers

Unbalanced Intake and Exhaust Vents can cause problems like conditioned, house air getting sucked up into the attic instead of dry, outside air. Basically, the imbalance in the vents causes a vacuum that sucks air from the house instead of through the intake vents. This may not seem like much of an issue, but house air has a lot of moisture from cooking, showering, laundry, and even just breathing. So when moist, house air is in the attic instead of outside air, you’re going to have humidity issues and potentially mould. Generally speaking, your intake and exhaust vents need to be in balance. If that’s not possible, it’s better to have too much intake then too much exhaust. As too much exhaust will only create a vacuum and suck up the conditioned, house air.

Different Types of Exhaust Vents is also an issue.

While you can mix and match intake vents to your heart’s content, all of your exhaust vents need to be the same type. This is because of the way air moves within the attic. Basically, if one of your vents is more efficient than another, it’ll completely interrupt the flow of air causing parts of your attic to not have air circulate at all. And that, as ventilation problems always seem to, leads to humidity problems and possibly mould. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to insist that your Calgary roofer just uses the same kind of exhaust vents everywhere. And, if they need to add a new exhaust vent, that they either use the same type or replace the old ones as well.

At the Roof Hospital, we understand that no Calgarian wants to deal with mould, humidity problems, or ice dams. That’s why we’re here to help. By using proper ventilation and avoiding the common mistakes, you can help to prevent annoying problems before they ever start. If you’d like to have your roof and ventilation situation inspected, our expert Calgary roofers would be happy to help. Simply call us today and schedule your appointment for a convenient time.

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