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Roof Ventilation Issues

Filed under: Roofing in General - 06 Jun 2016

All sorts of roof and attic problems like excess moisture, mould, and roof dams may be a symptom of issues with your home’s ventilation. While a reputable Calgary roofer will take ventilation as seriously as the rest of the …

How Does a Storm Affect Your Roof?

Filed under: Roofing in General - 01 May 2016

Calgary homeowners are no strangers to terrible storms. Hail, gales, floods, tornado warnings, we’ve seen it all. Home insurance companies spend millions each year paying for weather related damages to homes. Hopefully though, through every stormy spring season, your …

Why Roofing Really Isn’t a DIY Project

Filed under: Roofing in General - 01 Mar 2016

As Albertans, we’ve construct roofs for many hardworking homeowners who don’t shy away from fixing a broken faucet or building their own fence. Alberta is a province of DIYers, and that leads some folks to wonder if they couldn’t …

Roofing Scams

Filed under: Roofing in General - 18 Jan 2016

The average Calgary homeowner isn’t particularly familiar with their roof. They’re not knowledgeable on how a roof is put together or repaired. (And that’s good news for us, or we’d be out of a job!) However, Calgary roofers should …

The Importance of a Roof Inspection Prior to Purchasing a Home

Filed under: Roofing in General - 01 Dec 2015

Everyone knows that before you buy a home you need to have it inspected. An inspection can be a lifesaver. A house that looks perfectly fine can have many hidden problems. The structure and foundation may be damaged. It …

What the Hail is Going on?

Filed under: Roofing in General - 06 Oct 2015

The weather the last few years has been kind of crazy in Calgary. We had a one in a hundred year flood just a few years back, numerous tornado warnings with some touchdowns, and according to meteorologists, the hail …

Common Roof Problems

Filed under: Roofing in General - 22 Sep 2015

When it comes to roofing, most homeowners only begin to notice problems once a leak has been found. It would be nice if Calgarians made sure to have their roof inspected annually — or at least after a major …

Job Site Safety

Filed under: Roofing in General - 20 Jul 2015

There are many Calgarians that you couldn’t pay to go up onto their own roofs. You can often spot these homeowners by the christmas lights still up in July, and frankly, we don’t blame them. The roof is no …

Roofing and Insurance

Filed under: Roofing in General - 19 May 2015

Sometimes we meet with Calgarians who are unfortunate enough to have had a big winter storm or other accident severely damage their roof.

Green Roofing Options

Filed under: Roofing in General - 18 Feb 2015

With each passing year, people are trying to do their part to live more in harmony with the planet and environmental around us. Fortunately, the average person isn’t about to forgo their home and start living in the outside …

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