Roofing Maintenance

04 Jan 2016
Calgary Roofing

Most homeowners know that many roofing supply manufactures offer great warranties that can span 20 to 50 years. However, most warranties are only valid when proper roofing maintenance has been kept up. Keeping on top of your roof maintenance does more than just keep your warranty valid though. Annual or semi annual maintenance means that leaks will be virtually impossible, and regular maintenance is proven to greatly extend your roof’s lifespan. So what should you be doing to make …

Dumb Things People Do to Their Roofs

14 Dec 2015
Calgary Roofing

It’s no secret that most people inevitably do something that’s kind of dumb. If you’re lucky, you end up with a great story and little harm done. But some people aren’t so lucky, and they end up with frustration and a big expense. In order to help you not fall into the latter category, we’ve decided to talk about some of the common dumb things people do up on their roof.

The Importance of a Roof Inspection Prior to Purchasing a Home

01 Dec 2015
Calgary Roofing

Everyone knows that before you buy a home you need to have it inspected. An inspection can be a lifesaver. A house that looks perfectly fine can have many hidden problems. The structure and foundation may be damaged. It might even have mould lingering in the attic. However, while your house inspector is going to be okay at looking over your home in general, many home inspectors are unfamiliar with roofs. Some might not look at the roof at …

Holiday Lights

17 Nov 2015
Calgary Roofing

It’s nearly December, so unless you’re one of those clever people who leave their lights up all year, it’s time to start thinking about climb up onto the roof and clipping on the holiday lights. While the majority of Calgarians will be looking forward to Christmas as they hook their lights up, December coincides with the winter solstice and many religions and spiritualities celebrate the shortest day with candles and lights. So whether you’re celebrate Jewish hanukkah, Pagan midwinter, …

How to Protect your Home from Hail Damage

03 Nov 2015
Calgary Roofing

When it comes to Alberta weather, it seems to be getting a little crazier every year. If one thing about our weather is consistent though, it’s that Alberta sees a lot of thunderstorms and that means facing gales and hail. Hail costs millions of dollars in insurance money every year, so how can you protect your house from damage?

What is Hail and How is it Formed?

21 Oct 2015
Calgary Roofing

We’re pretty sure most Calgarians are familiar with hail. How could they have missed it? Calgary homeowners seen it ricocheting off their cars, and they’ve heard it smacking against their roofs. But just in case someone is somehow unfamiliar, we’ll start with the basics. Hail is a spherical or irregular-shaped clump of solid (frozen) precipitation. A clever weather watcher can often spot a storm with hail by the green hue of the clouds. Hail can be mistaken for similar …

What the Hail is Going on?

06 Oct 2015
Calgary Roofing

The weather the last few years has been kind of crazy in Calgary. We had a one in a hundred year flood just a few years back, numerous tornado warnings with some touchdowns, and according to meteorologists, the hail situation has been getting progressively worse each summer over the last seven years with no sign of relief in sight. In fact, Alberta is often referred to as the hail capital of the world, and Calgary itself as the hail …

Common Roof Problems

22 Sep 2015
Calgary Roofing

When it comes to roofing, most homeowners only begin to notice problems once a leak has been found. It would be nice if Calgarians made sure to have their roof inspected annually — or at least after a major hail storm, but more often than not, inspections aren’t done and problems aren’t spotted until they need major repairs.

Common Roof Problems - Roof Hospital - Roofing Contractos Calgary

During the decades …

What Kind of Roof is Best for You?

08 Sep 2015
Calgary Roofing

Throughout history, there haven’t been many roofing options for everyday people. Most commoners during the early middle ages only had access to straw thatching — at least until straw roofs were made illegal because they were such a fire hazard. Now a days, homeowners have a huge variety of options, but not all roofing materials are created equal, nor will they all stand up to Calgary’s harsh climate.

How to Prepare Your Home & Yourself for a New Roof

17 Aug 2015
Calgary Roofing

Are you looking forward to (or dreading?) getting a new roof this year? The average Calgary roof will last somewhere between 15 to 30 years, so it’s a part of home-ownership that’s nearly unavoidable. Whether this is your first roof replacement as a homeowner or you’re a roof-replacement-veteran just looking for some quick reminders, here are a couple tips for making your roofing experience go smoothly.

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